From the recording A Little Life

It's easy to let love fade away. Love is a garden that needs tending Orit will wilt and die.



It probably started the very first time
That he left for the job without that kiss goodbye
And it stung, but she said ‘he’s just busy’
And she let it slide
Now mornings he’s gone before she’s even up
All that’s left that he’s been there is a used coffee cup
And she never complains so he thinks to himself
‘She doesn’t mind’

It takes years to make a canyon
Constant water cuts through stone
And the tears they cried in silence
Cut them to the bone
Til they wondered when the space between them
Got so deep and wide
Til they couldn’t build a bridge to get across
Their great divide

Now he stays working late at the job on most nights
While the kids and her girlfriends take up all her time
And he knows he’ll be eating alone from the note
On the microwave
Anniversaries feel like obligations
They’re out somewhere nice in a forced celebration
And there they sit all dressed up, with nothing to say

Repeat Chorus

Maybe you think I’m crazy, chasing your car in my pj’s
But I’ll never let you ever forget not to
Leave without kissing me, say you’ll be missing me
Say that you love me

‘Cause I don’t want to make a canyon
Like the one my mom and dad did
I won’t let a space between us
Get so deep and wide
That I can’t reach across to you
And close a great divide