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Lucky Me

This departure recording about the different angles of love, is an insider’s view of a heart learning its lessons. It is at the same time, romantic and filled with hope, anxious with loss, and cynical from heartbreak. From ballads to blues to jazzy jams, one feels sophistication in the moodiness, like sitting still in the dark with an expensive bourbon reflecting back on different connections and impressions left on a life. 

Lucky Me Players: Piano/Organ: John Conahan Guitar: Ross Bellenoit Bass: Chico Huff Drums: Erik Johnson Cello: Michael Ronstadt Harmonica: Nick (Doc) Langan Trumpet: Patrick Hughes Incidental instrumentation: Glenn Barratt 

Recorded and engineered at Morningstar Studios by Glenn Barratt All Songs written by Liz Miller (ASCAP) except: I’ll Take the Night written by Andrew Burgoyne Hang On To Last Night: co-written with Steve Patti ADD: co-written with Geri Smith 


Track List


Just Drive (5:08) Blues tune about getting away and out of a loveless relationship. 

Do You Think (3:36) It’s easy to love somebody when things are great. This romantic ballad asks for the same good love when times are challenging. 

Lucky Me (3:29) Jazzy finger snaps throws the question of how one is so fortunate to have found the perfect person. 

With All That I Am (4:13)- Torchy make up song in older standard style. 

I’ll Take the Night (5:07) Atmospheric homage to the mystery and beauty of the nightlife. 

Hang On To Last Night (3:20) Upbeat Bossa about hating a wild night to end. 

They Don’t Make the Coffee (4:15) Jazzy mid-tempo speaks to the paralytic effects of rejection and abandonment. 

 Valentine (2:57) Romantic ballad filled with hope that the right one has come along 

Comfort Me Once More (3:14) Mid-tempo tune about needing to rekindle the romance flame. 

ADD (2:14) Upbeat jazzy tune how distracting everyday life is. 

There and Back (4:23) Torchy song encompasses different angles of love. 

Bittersweet (4:48) Old style standard ballad about the one that got away and the lesson learned.



1. Just Drive (508) L. Miller 
2. Do You Think (3:36) L. Miller 
3. Lucky Me (3:29) L. Miller 
4. With All That I Am (4:13) L. Miller 
5. I’ll Take the Night (5:07) A. Burgoyne 
6. Hang On To Last Night (4:20) L. Miller/ S. Patti 
7. They Don’t Make the Coffee (4:15) L. Miller 
8. Valentine (2:57) L. Miller 
9. Comfort Me Once More (3:14) L. Miller  
10.ADD (2:14) L. Miller/ G. Smith 
11. There and Back (4:23) L. Miller 
12. Bittersweet (4:48) L. Miller

About the Artist

Liz Miller

Liz Miller is a multi -genre award winning songwriter who has been compared to artists like Brandi Carlysle, Melissa Etheridge, and Diana Krall.  She slips in and out of folk, rock, jazz, and singer-songwriter with native ease. 

She makes up one half of the bi-coastal alt rock band- The Xconditionals (formerly Unconditionals- good back story) whose first recording was up for a San Diego Music Award! You can hear one of their tunes-Lie Like You Mean It- on the show Kevin Can F Himself on AMC. 

After years of writing for other artists, Liz Miller has finally decided to perform her own songs. Liz has played the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville as well as Philadelphia area’s The Living Room, The Mermaid Inn, Burlap and Bean and the Tin Angel. 

.Her first solo artist CD, A Little Life, was released October 14th, 2021 and charted on Folk Radio while the follow up CD Halfway Home was released April of 2022. 

At the same time, the Covid pandemic was released to shut down venues. Then just as we thought we were out of the woods, Covid came back and live music suffered another blow.  Her new album, Lucky Me is due out early in 2023 and Liz is hoping for a virus free 3 cd release party! 

Liz was the proud recipient of the Best New Artist award from Delaware public radio-Hometown Heroes. 

You can hear about Liz’s musical path on Tales of the Road Warrior podcast hosted by Hal Aaron out of Philadelphia. Both Liz Miller and The Xconditionals can be heard on WOS radio/ podcast available on Apple Music.

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