Me and More Me

Hey all!!
So, my big 3 cd release was sold out and I was told that everyone had a good time. 
It was like a wedding!! Some of my favorite people in the world were there and I could only spend about a minute with everybody. After months of planning, the whole night went by in a flash. Special shout out to Margaret McClure for flying in from California to make me pretty. I'm told I am a BAD BARBIE! 😁
The dream band was terrific, everyone was amazing as usual, and I remembered all the words!! Hah!
After that, I subbed for my friend Nancy Huebner who got a sore throat, at the Royal a theater in Glenside. nice place with a great sound guy! Yay Tim! My round partners- Tom Cooney, Jennings Durand, and Annie and Todd were all great and we had fun. I saw a video of myself and it taught me a lesson. Slow down. Don't sing it like you can't wait to get it over with. Thanks to Karen Keyser. It's her favorite song and I bought a metronome to tempo out all my tunes. 
As if that wasn't enough, I opened the Cubizm Cafe concert series with some great friends and had a beautiful time. Meghan Cary and Peter Farrell, Marion Halliday, and Drew Calvin rocked that opener!!
Whew. It’s been a whirlwind.
I’m kind of tired of me right now.
I plan to do some Nashville style rounds in the next couple of months and have a co- bill with Heidi Wolfson in the fall.
My music life is picking up while my nurse life is slowing down. 
I have four shifts left before I hang up my scrubs forever. (I'm writing this on my break so it's 3 ½) Bittersweet. I have worked with the most dedicated nurses and comrades ( we went union) that anyone would be proud to stand with. Brave, compassionate, smart and funny, the bond that's created against difficult situations are strong. 
Everyone can still call me for little things or questions but I won’t be on the work side of a hospital ever again. Maybe a patient…
I will be posting from my website here.
If you’d like to follow the new career of old Liz Miller, sign up here.

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