Full Band Show

So after a long time not playing out, I'm doing a pull out all the stops, big shebang full band show on May 20! Some of the greatest musicians I know are doing this with me and I couldn't be more honored. There will be great back up singers, fellow singer-songwriters, to add the fullness. There will be a harmonica for mood and a violin for depth and of course, ME!

Since I couldn't really do cd releases in 2021 or 2022 because of the pandemic (I know, it sucked for everybody) this show is a 3 cd release unless another plague comes around. Then I'm gong to write books or something that doesn't require an in person audience!

I'm opening for myself doing Americana roots rock stuff. Then there will be an intermission where I change into my alter ego who does jazzier stuff. Two shows for the price of one! A bargain at twice the price!!

Depending on how this goes, and I think it will be great-I mean I'd want to see that, you may be seeing more of me  around doing the circuit.